Although we come from a wide array of backgrounds, we share:

  • A passion for building relationships
  • A tenacious, never-give-up approach to tackling challenges
  • An independent, “go-getter” attitude
  • An appreciation for work/life balance
  • A belief that embracing a diverse, inclusive workforce is key to understanding a diverse consumer marketplace

Coworkers, clients, friends.

We don’t just help our clients develop better relationships with their customers. We also build strong relationships with one another and our clients. Strong friendships and partnerships are the thread of our DNA. You can feel it in meetings, in the hall, around the water cooler, at lunch breaks, at happy hour. Working at Epsilon means forging life-long friendships.

We never give up. Ever.

Our clients ask us to solve problems that they cannot solve on their own. Finding solutions to these tough challenges requires a tenacious dedication. We push hard to make tight deadlines. We work creatively to stay on budget. We never settle for “good enough.” It takes smarts, teamwork and a lot of passion.

Change is the one thing we count on.

The only sure thing in our industry is that things will be different tomorrow. We are nimble. We are agile. We have to be to keep up with our clients’ needs, stay current with technology and beat the competition. We don’t just tolerate change. We thrive on it.

We jump in with both feet.

Sitting on the sidelines and waiting to be called is the best way to lose business. Our success depends on taking initiative: to call clients, to explore new technologies, to find answers, to learn new skills. Whether we’re helping a client, or helping one another, we don’t wait to be asked. That’s the Epsilon way.

Life can’t always wait until the weekend.

We know that life happens. School recitals aren’t always on the weekend. Aging parents need help getting to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. Air conditioners don’t pick a convenient time to break. We have all been there. At Epsilon, we can take care of life, whenever it happens. We find ways to deliver results even when life intrudes on office hours.

Join our team!

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