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Benefits (India)

At Epsilon, we recognize that benefits aren’t a one size fits all proposition – what's valuable to one associate may be less important to another.

We’ve created a comprehensive competitive benefits program that is designed to allow associates to choose the benefits that best fit their needs depending on where they are in their lives. Full time new hires become eligible for most benefits on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. The following is a summary of the benefits offered to US Epsilon associates.

Benefits at Epsilon India

  • Insurance

    Epsilon’s health insurance plan covers employees and their dependents under one umbrella. Any one member or all can use the annual limit. Beneficiaries include associate, spouse, all-children and parents and parents-in-law.

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  • Work from home program

    The flexible WFH program allows you to work from home twice a week if you meet the eligibility requirements. Our goal is to help you craft a balance between your work life and your personal life.

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  • National Pension System

    National Pension System (NPS), was launched by the Indian government in February, 2004 as a sustainable solution to provide retirement income for central government employees. In December, 2011, the corporate sector model was introduced, and through it, Epsilon facilitates assured monthly income to ensure dignified life in old age for all associates through NPS.

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  • Higher education reimbursement policy

    At Epsilon, we support our associates’ efforts to learn new job-related skills, acquire more knowledge, improve job performance and enhance their potential for advancement. As an incentive to pursue business-related educational enhancements, our higher education reimbursement policy provides financial assistance for courses that develop and improve your current job performance or prepare you for advancement within Epsilon.

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  • Employee assistance program

    When associates need help, we’re right there for them. Our experts can be reached 24/7 for any kind of issues one may face of a professional or personal nature.

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